1. Because it’s a myth-buster! It’s not brute strength… for women it’s teamwork and finesse, a CAN DO attitude with an open mind and a willing heart….And really great trail packing!
  2. Step aside guys, women can organize a load and hustle down a portage trail faster than you can figure out who’s carrying the fishing rods and all that little excess baggage you got rolling around the bottom of your canoe ‘cause it didn’t fit in a portage pack. (And they say women over-pack…sheesh!)
  3. Prepare gourmet trail meals and eat like a queen from beginning to end. Cooking (and EATING) is so much more fun in the wilderness!
  4. Work hard-Play hard joyfully takes on new meaning when you find that beautiful campsite surrounded by incredible solitude.
  5. Two words – Pocket Shower
  6. Re-connecting with a grown daughter, or sisters who now live across the country.
  7. Unwinding on a sun-drenched rock ledge far, far from traffic jams and office stress.
  8. ‘Girlfriend fix’ with your best buds means time to unwind, catch up, and laugh ‘til your cheeks hurt!
  9. Surprise Mom with a really cool trip.
  10. Take a break from the kids and husband – celebrate life with your gal pals!
  11. No fashion police!
  12. Dipping a paddle into water so calm the earth and sky are one and the same.
  13. Gentle wind through white pines is the best white noise in the world.
  14. The call of loons
  15. Viewing a star-filled night sky through a cathedral of pines
  16. It’s not just paddling to move the canoe, it’s learning the right paddle strokes to maneuver the canoe!
  17. Great place to wear hats! Who cares what your hair looks like.
  18. Catching the Aurora Borealis in the middle of the night, when you really didn’t want to get out of the sleeping bag to walk the latrine trail. Bonus!
  19. Proving to yourself that you really are not afraid of the dark.
  20. Really good dark chocolate and a glass of wine around the evening campfire. OK, maybe S’mores, if you must.
  21. A well-placed hammock near the water, a great book to read, or a journal to fill with your new adventures.
  22. A late night dip in the lake with plenty of giggles to boot.
  23. Learn how to use a map and compass to navigate the wilderness. Who needs batteries?!
  24. Play games in camp on a rainy day under the protection of a good tarp. Competition can be fierce, but the laughs just keep rolling!
  25. Learn to build a campfire and light it with one match.
  26. Catch a fish, clean a fish, fry it up for breakfast or maybe supper.