What does it cost to take a guided canoe trip in the BWCAW?

Each trip booked with Women’s Wilderness Discovery is a fully-outfitted (including great food) and professionally-guided educational experience.  We strive to keep our prices more than competitive.

Please consider a gratuity for your hard-working wilderness guide’s exceptional service. Your kindness is appreciated!


Non-profit groups are given special consideration for a discount.

Contact us for more information and to plan your trip.

BWCAW Travel Permits

Travel in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness May 1 – September 30 requires that you reserve an entry permit for a specific entry point and a specific entry date. This reservation requires a $6 reservation fee. A per person per trip user fee is also required for Boundary Waters travel: $16 per adult and $8 per youth under 18 years. These fees are included in the price of your trip with Women’s Wilderness Discovery, but it does require planning your entry point and date of entry well in advance of your intended departure. Contact us to discuss dates, plan your trip, and secure your entry permit.

Want to “try out” the BWCAW for the day by canoe, or explore a wilderness hiking trail? Perhaps a winter day trek by snowshoe or ski appeals to you? We can discuss a date and sights you might like to see and experience. No advance reservation or user fee is necessary for day trippers entering the Boundary Waters. Women’s Wilderness Discovery will be happy to help craft a perfect day of exploring the woods and waters, lunch included. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.