Our Testimonials

“Peta was fantastic guiding our group….Everything from the pre event planning correspondence and advise, to the direction and instruction on the trail, she is enthusiastic, competent, knowledgeable and organized. You will do more than you think you can under her coaching. You will eat better than you ever have in the wilderness, with Peta offering... Read More
“We were a group of six sixty-something women, some of us re-experiencing the paddling adventures of our youth. Peta was the perfect guide and companion. Her gear, from the Kevlar canoes to tents to sleeping bags, was super clean, high quality, and in really good condition. Her organization and systems were really impressive. The meals... Read More
“I worked with Women’s Wilderness Discovery to co-create a mindful wilderness retreat experience in the BWCAW.  I was delighted how much care and thought was put into every aspect of the trip from women-specific gear that was made for comfort (life jackets designed for women) to top-of-the-line camping gear that was in amazing condition and... Read More
“Six old friends went out with Peta for five days and four nights from Poplar Lake down to Winchell and back around. Peta was a great guide and excellent company. The equipment she provided (tents, pads, sleeping bags, canoes) was spotlessly clean and in perfect condition and the food she planned, prepped, packed and prepared... Read More
“You’ll be working with a terrific outfitter who specializes in helping women discover the BWCA (although men are certainly welcome). You’ll travel with an experienced guide who can help you navigate the many lakes and lead you on an excellent adventure. Your guide will be extremely knowledgeable about the outdoors, camping, wilderness safety, and anything... Read More
“We did a day trip with Taylor last week and it was INCREDIBLE! Myself and my three children (13, 12 and 9.) I’ve been wanting to explore the BWCA for decades, but just have been so intimidated and didn’t even know where to begin. WWD and our guide were incredible in choosing a trip that... Read More
“Peta re-introduced me to the BWCA in the winter of 1999 with a youth group. I slept in a quinzee, climbed a rock palisade, blazed snowshoe trails through the forest, and skied on lakes amidst the islands. She has brought me back to the BWCA every summer and most winters since. I will admit, I... Read More
“As a 75 year old insulin diabetic with some physical limitations I was worried about trying to do a canoe trip. But, Peta is such an excellent guide and so caring and willing to accommodate me that the trip was a true fun outdoor experience. I am so impressed with her capabilities; especially the food... Read More
“Had a great 4 day trip with Peta as guide. Entered South Hegman and found a wonderful base campsite a short distance away. Rainy that day but cleared for the next three days. Went into North Hegman to see the pictographs and bog; then next day into Little Bass. 34 degrees on the last two... Read More
“As 2 old (in both senses of the word!) friends and BWCA rookies we chose a Peta-led canoe trip as our retirement celebration. Peta possesses a vast amount of camping, canoeing, and botanical knowledge that she readily shares. She is equal parts cheerleader, teacher, coach. She pushed us just enough so we accomplished more than... Read More