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During the threat of COVID19 this summer/fall 2020, we are limiting groups to 4 campers, plus your guide. If you are a family group, or long time friends booking a trip with us, we’re happy to expand that group size for you up to the BWCAW max of 9 (remember your guide is one). We believe this enables us to better follow CDC safety guidelines, and maintain appropriate social distancing at our Guesthouse in town, during shuttles to & from entry points, and in our Boundary Waters campsites. By limiting group size we are also able to provide each camper a single-person tent if they prefer, adding extra peace of mind, while still minimizing our impact on the wilderness & abiding by our Leave No Trace ethic. Family and friend groups may choose to share tents as usual.

Summer Trips

Our definition of heaven: a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).  Design your own trip or join an existing one.  Read more…

Winter Trips

Experience cozy, hot-tent camping in the peace and solitude that winter brings to the Boundary Waters. Trek across pristine snow-covered lakes and wooded trails, as your gear toboggan glides along behind you. Read more….

Summer and Winter Wilderness Guided Camping Trips, Canoe Trips, X-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Treks

Located in Ely, Minnesota, Women’s Wilderness Discovery provides year-round, fully-outfitted and guided Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) canoe camping, hike camping, day canoe trips, day hikes, and hot-tent winter camping by snowshoe or ski trek, and day snowshoe hikes or cross-country ski treks especially for women.

We provide a safe, positive model for women and girls to enrich their lives through the wilderness experience and outdoor adventure. A fully outfitted/guided wilderness experience emphasizing teamwork can build confidence, strengthen courage, and cultivate leadership qualities in women and girls. Teaching respect for the land and the gear used in wilderness travel is inherent to the wilderness ethic “Leave No Trace.”

Trips can include other areas of the Superior National Forest outside of the BWCAW. Women’s Wilderness Discovery customizes trips for each group, discussing potential routes and making suggestions based on your group’s skill level.

We listen to your expectations and goals, and lend our expertise in planning your wilderness adventure. All BWCAW entry points are taken into consideration when planning client trips, based upon availability.

Want to “try out” the BWCAW for the day by canoe or on foot on a wilderness hiking trail? Perhaps a winter day trek by snowshoe or ski? We can discuss a date and sights you might like to see and experience. We’ll be happy to help craft a perfect day of exploring the woods and waters, lunch included. Our prices are inviting! Contact Women’s Wilderness Discovery to discuss the possibilities.