Our Testimonials

No Worries for a Diabetic
“As a 75 year old insulin diabetic with some physical limitations I was worried about trying to do a canoe trip. But, Peta is such an excellent guide and so caring and willing to accommodate me that the trip was a true fun outdoor experience. I am so impressed with her capabilities; especially the food... Read More
“Had a great 4 day trip with Peta as guide. Entered South Hegman and found a wonderful base campsite a short distance away. Rainy that day but cleared for the next three days. Went into North Hegman to see the pictographs and bog; then next day into Little Bass. 34 degrees on the last two... Read More
BWCA rookies no more
“As 2 old (in both senses of the word!) friends and BWCA rookies we chose a Peta-led canoe trip as our retirement celebration. Peta possesses a vast amount of camping, canoeing, and botanical knowledge that she readily shares. She is equal parts cheerleader, teacher, coach. She pushed us just enough so we accomplished more than... Read More
Worth the trip
“I traveled from California in order to explore the Boundary Waters for the first time. I honestly couldn’t have had a better experience. Peta was well organized and informative and friendly. She was able to meld us as a team and stretch each member to be more confident in a spectacular, pristine setting.”
A Return to the BWCA
“I have been to the BWCA many times, but not for a few years. I wasn’t sure I could still meet the challenge. But when you travel with Peta, anything is possible. She is the most knowledgeable, most organized, and most delightful person I have ever traveled with. The equipment she provided was top-notch, the... Read More
Lake One Base Camp
“I had a great trip with Peta and three other women into Lakes One, Two, Three, Four and the Kawishiwi River. Peta received information from each participant about abilities and health problems and designed a trip that worked wonderfully even for a person like me who has lifting restrictions and cannot lift a 40 lb... Read More
A Hero in the Truest Sense of the Word
“Peta is a hero. And I mean this in the truest, most literal sense of the word. If you’ve read the other testimonials, you’ll see all the glowing reviews of her stellar, customized menus; of how she’ll help you feel empowered – pushing you to meet your fullest potential, and balancing that with when you... Read More
First Wilderness Adventure!
“As a 23 year old Minnesotan I felt like going to the Boundary Waters was a right of passage I needed to do. However, I have very little camping experience and no camping gear. When a friend said she found Peta Barrett/Women’s Wilderness Discovery and thought this would be a good way for a group of... Read More
Overcoming Fears Through Wilderness Experience
“I took a BWCAW day trip with Peta and my husband early September. At age 50 I am a major rookie paddler and outdoor enthusiast. Peta proved to me that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Honestly, I struggled a bit on our trip. My experience in wilderness exploration has been walking a gravel road... Read More
The Canoe Trip We Wanted & Needed
“I am so glad I decided to take this trip. It was an overdue acknowledgement of a significant age, a mother-daughter bonding time, and a reconnect with Peta who always said she was going to start a business for women in the wilderness. It really was about the journey, and about finding that inner strength... Read More
Professional, Knowledgeable, Fun-Loving
“As a former wilderness guide, I rarely participate in guided adventures, and I am pretty particular about leadership.  That being said, Peta Barrett is awesome – professional, organized, attentive to detail and safety, sensitive to the needs of individuals, full of knowledge, and fun-loving.  Women’s Wilderness Discovery trips afford all levels of adventurers the comfort... Read More
An Empowering Learning Experience
“I’ve been on six Boundary Waters trips with Peta, three of which were with women’s groups. No offense to my husband (who I love and adore), but I prefer going into the wilderness with Peta and the gals! Ladies, you know how men can be with the TV remote? Well, I’ve found mine is the... Read More
Peta’s Passion is Contagious
“Peta’s passion for sharing the wilderness is contagious. Whether stepping out into the winter woods on snowshoes she puts together or paddling the BWCAW with novice and seasoned campers, Peta is in her element. Peta is unique in what she brings to her wilderness leadership. She is a game hunter, conservationist, former talent agent, snowmobiler,... Read More
Rediscovered the BWCA
“Peta Barrett enabled me to rediscover the Boundary Waters!  In my fifties I longed to go back and experience canoeing and camping in the BWCAW as I had done so many times in my teens and twenties.  With Peta’s total confidence in my abilities, her incredible knowledge and state of the art equipment, her gourmet... Read More
Excellent Teacher and Guide
“I think Peta did an excellent job on teaching/guiding the group on the canoe trip I experienced . She did a great job on how things worked like organizing things so everyone had what they needed. The trip in general was fun and I had a great time with everybody. Another trip I went on with Peta’s  guidance... Read More
Experienced Guide and Great Friend
“2015 marks the 20th year I have been blessed to venture into Minnesota’s amazing BWCA…with just women. Many trips have been with Peta Barrett of Women’s Wilderness Discovery. If you want peace of mind that you’re with one of the best orienteers around, go with Peta. If you want an experienced guide who knows the... Read More
Rewarding Experience
“I have traveled to many fascinating places around the world, but I have a very special place in my heart for every adventure I have in the Boundary Waters. I have enjoyed many very memorable trips organized and guided by Peta. Whether you have never been to the Boundary Waters or are an experienced back packer... Read More
One in a Million
“Our guided Boundary Waters Wilderness trip with Peta Barrett was one in a million! Who knew when my parents bid on and won a guided Boundary Waters trip with our then-BOSS (owner of the talent agency my wife and I were both registered with) at a live-auction fundraiser it would be an experience quite like... Read More

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