Deep winter in the boreal forest settles in with a stunning coat of pristine white, bundling the landscape in hushed magic. Here, caught up in crisp sunlight… there, below the pale glow of a full moon, winter’s coat glints the illusion of oh-so-many diamonds scattered about.

Winter brings a unique clarity – a silence – to the wilds of NE Minnesota. It is an exceptional time to get outdoors, to travel the frosted woods and frozen lakes of the Boundary Waters. Absorb what Mother Nature has to share at this blissfully bug-free time of year. Whether by traditional snowshoe or cross-country ski, moving out across virgin snow is a deeply peaceful experience…an experience not to be missed. Sounds and smells are different now. The light is different in this season. And it is simply beautiful.

Maybe just a short trek – a day trip to a special spot; pictographs, frosted rocky cliffs, animal tracks…lope, lope, lope, sliiiiide. There’s that playful otter! Witness a rosy sunrise that peeks through the hoar-frost, or a winter’s eve sky filled with more stars than you could have imagined…find the constellations. Magic!

Or…maybe a winter camping adventure is beckoning. Layer clothing, lace up mukluks, and step outdoors. A canvas wall tent with a wood stove sure sounds cozy. Perhaps build a quinzhee for shelter, or even sleep under the stars! Oh the possibilities – providing you have the right gear and skills to stay safe and have a great time. Better yet, seek the expertise of a local year-round outfitter/guide who can help you navigate the joys of winter camping. Contact Women’s Wilderness Discovery. Embrace all that our Minnesota winters have to offer, and those chilly months will pass much more quickly!