Top Ten Reasons to Travel into the BWCA with Women’s Wilderness Discovery

  1. You’ll be working with a terrific outfitter who specializes in helping women discover the BWCA (although men are certainly welcome).
  2. You’ll travel with an experienced guide who can help you navigate the many lakes and lead you on an excellent adventure.
  3. Your guide will be extremely knowledgeable about the outdoors, camping, wilderness safety, and anything else you might need to know up there.
  4. Everything you need, except your clothes, will be provided for you.
  5. Better yet, all of the equipment you’ll use will be first rate.
  6. These trips accommodate just about every camping and canoeing skill level.
  7. You will enjoy delicious meals that are healthy, filling, and not dehydrated.
  8. You’ll get all of these skills and services for a reasonable rate.
  9. This is the perfect way to experience the BWCA with a friend/family group.
  10. Or, you can go on your own and make new friends to share your adventure.