I took a BWCAW day trip with Peta and my husband early September. At age 50 I am a major rookie paddler and outdoor enthusiast. Peta proved to me that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Honestly, I struggled a bit on our trip. My experience in wilderness exploration has been walking a gravel road with my dogs or following a groomed trail. I haven’t been off the beaten path very often. My curiosity of the wilderness lead me to Peta and her company Women’s Wilderness Discovery. Fear keeps a person from living life to the fullest, I can attest to this. At age 50 I look back in shock at all I never did because I was afraid. No more. My day trip with Peta and my husband was “gentle.” But, when you allow fear and self-induced insecurities to leach their way in, gentle becomes challenging. After a few falls in the muck and struggles paddling straight, my day ended leaving me feeling hopeful about this next stage of my life and even more curious about the beauty of the wilderness. I am inspired by the woman Peta is, and so humbled by the way she helped me realize the strong woman I am also. Thank you, Peta! I really do look forward to our next adventure.