As a 23 year old Minnesotan I felt like going to the Boundary Waters was a right of passage I needed to do. However, I have very little camping experience and no camping gear. When a friend said she found Peta Barrett/Women’s Wilderness Discovery and thought this would be a good way for a group of us to try the Boundary Waters I was intrigued! I’m so glad I went on the trip! Peta provided an amazing first experience and intro to the Boundary Waters. She is friendly, helpful, provided great equipment and really knew her stuff. I felt like I learned so much on this trip and had a great time. Women’s Wilderness Discovery also let me meet new people, push myself and have fun while doing so. I’d recommend a trip with Women’s Wilderness Discovery for anyone who wants to try the Boundary Waters with a personalized touch, but doesn’t quite know how to start organizing the trip for themselves. (Peta even created a delicious, personalized menu for us!) Our long weekend trip was perfect and I can’t stress enough how fun this trip was for me. I’d take another trip to the Boundary Waters for sure with Peta & Women’s Wilderness Discovery!